Academic and Student Affairs

Academic Affairs

The office of Academic Affairs is responsible for handling and supervising academic programmes, such as the:

  • American Degree Foundation Programme (ADFP)
  • American Credit Transfer Programme (ACTP)
  • A-Level Programme
  • A-Level German Programme
  • SACE International (Formerly known as AUSMAT)
  • Korean Preparatory Course
  • Middle East Programme
  • French Preparatory Course


  • Planning the academic calendar for each programmes.
  • Ensuring the conduct of classes daily.
  • Maintaining the working relationship with sponsors.
  • Handling internal and external examinations such as CIA (Cambridge International Examination), SAT, TOEFL, IELTS,  Advanced Placement and Korean Language Proficiency Tests, German Language Proficiency Tests and also AS German.
  • Having an INTEC Academic Committee, a body responsible for validating all internal examination results, chaired by the Director of Academic and Students Development.
  • Managing the registration of the existing students for each semester.
  • Organizing the signing of the Letter of Undertaking by students.
  • Providing lecturers with teaching and learning facilities such as science and computer laboratories, LCDs and notebooks.
  • Organizing academic talks and academic visits for students.
  • Organizing Academic Sessions and Academic Briefings for weaker students.
  • Maintaining student discipline.
  • Planning the distribution of teaching load.
  • Conducting the end-of- year evaluation process for all lecturers and office staff.
  • Holding colloquium and Intellectual Discourse Sessions for academicians.
  • Ensuring that all academicians receive sufficient on-going training.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs is an important department that contributes to students' development in line with the Malaysian Education Philosophy, which stresses the development of intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects.


  • To provide comprehensive and efficient services and facilities in creating a conducive learning and living environment that is comfortable, cheerful and safe.
  • To plan and conduct on-going student development programmes which are integrated with value-added features to develop students who are holistic, patriotic, knowledgeable, skilled, virtuous, and grateful.
  • To develop students who have a sense of self-worth, and who are confident and capable to compete with others in the international arena.
  • To groom students into leaders of caliber, who are brave, healthy, energetic, far-sighted, positive and creative in their thinking.


  • Coordinates students' activities and relationship with other institutions of higher learning and organizations.
  • Develop students through training that is relevant to their needs.
  • Provide counselling services either individually or in groups.
  • Carry out curriculum administration to help overseas bound students.
  • Provide services related to accommodation on campus.
  • Provide medical services.
  • Maintain the peace of the campus through the implementation of the Higher Learning Act (Discipline) 1976.